Friday, February 11, 2011

Practice Online Driving Test

To drive unsupervised on the roads of UK you must need a legal driving license. If you want to get your legal driving license you are required to pass the two basic tests. The practical driving test and theory/hazard perception test. The Driving Standard Agency (DSA) is statutory responsible for setting standards and conducting theory and Practical Driving Test. The objective of Theory Test is to increase awareness of safety rules and regulations in UK before learners really start to drive on the road. And the hazard perception test is designed to assess ones capabilities to drive in messy conditions.

The Practical Driving test

Preparing for your Driving Test is essential if you want to become a safe, responsible driver or rider. The Practical Driving Test for car drivers is about 40 minutes long. During this time the examiner will try to ensure that you cover a wide variety of different road conditions from quiet low speed roads to busy high-speed roads and town or city centre driving. You will also be required to undertake several set maneuvers like examiner can ask you to do reverse parking behind a parked car or to turn in the road. You should get the services of an Approved Driving Instructor, as they are the best option to learn the relevant skills needed for passing Practical Test.

The Theory Test

You cannot book the driving test until you have passed the theory test. The first part of theory test is designed for car drivers with 50 multiple choice questions. A list of potential answers will be given to you, with each question. You need to select the correct answer by touching the appropriate area of computer screen. You need to be very careful while selecting an answer because there can be more than one answers to a given question.

The Hazard Perception Test

This second part of theory test is designed to assess your hazard perception. You will be shown some video clips related to some particular driving situations and you would have to show your awareness by clicking on the screen of your computer. In this test you would be shown at least 14 Videos on your Computer screen. These videos would be of about one minute each. You can score between 0 and 5 on each hazard. Therefore the maximum you can score is 75 (i.e. 15 hazards x 5) and to pass you need a score of 44.

Online Driving Test and Hazard Perception Practice

To pass these tests in first attempt and to save your booking fee you need to prepare well before getting through your driving test. This requires an in depth knowledge of driving rules and a good Hazard Perception Practice. To enhance your chances, it's highly recommended to prepare yourself on a PC via some online resource such as These online driving tests are very similar to those which are designed by Driving Standard Agencies (DSA). You will be providing with a clear guideline to solve these tests wisely and quickly. Once you get through Theory Test and Practical Test, you will have to inform DVLA within two years time to get a full driving License. If you fail to apply with in specified period, you will have to re-take these tests.

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