Monday, January 31, 2011

Getting Through Your Driving Theory Test!

Owning a car to drive is really important in today's life. But the most important thing is that you have the proper driving licence so that you may show it to anyone as a legal evidence that you have the necessary driving skills and you understand the traffic rules and regulations. To get a legal driving licence, you need to get through Driving Theory Test and Hazard Perception Test. These tests are used to assess ones necessary skills to deal with the traffic conditions one will face every day. People should know the road safety rules so that they can avoid reckless driving, these test also shows your capabilities to drive in chaotic condition and also help to test your hazard perceptions.

Most of the times when people think of getting a driving licence they mostly think of the practical part of it and ignore the theory part of the test but getting through you theory test is as important as the practical part of test and you should try to pass it as soon as possible so that it would help in getting a full driving licence. There are two major parts of Theory Test i.e. the MCQ's and Hazard Perception Test. In MCQs, there will be 50 randomly selected questions, of which you must answer at least 43 questions correctly to pass this section. You will be given 4 to 6 possible answers to each question. You need to be very careful while selecting an answer because there can be more than one answers to a given question.

The second part of the theory test is somehow different from the first part of the test, it is Hazard perception test in which you will be shown some video clips related to some particular driving situations and you would have to show your awareness by clicking on the screen of your computer. You can get a maximum of five points in a question and you need to score at least 44 out of 75. In this test you would be shown at least 14 Videos on you Computer screen. These videos would be of about one minute each.

When you are preparing for these tests, it is advisable that you should not take these test casually. You should pay much attention to studying with the help of some book or some online resource instead of losing your booking fee. Most of the times people fail to get through the exam in the first attempt, sometimes due to the hazard perception videos and sometimes due to Multiple Choice Questions. To enhance your chances, it's highly recommended to prepare yourself on a PC via some online resource which has similar tests as the ones that done on the test day. From my personal experience I got online Theory Test and Hazard Perception Test Practice on and passed my driving theory test in my first attempt.

For the practical test, you should get the services of an Approved Driving Instructor, as they are the best option to learn the relevant skills needed for passing Practical Test. You can not manage all your preparation by yourself because in an effort to do that you may neglect little but the most important aspects of these tests. So, it's always better to learn properly from a trainer instead of learning improper habits which can cause danger to you as well as to the other people on the road. Once you get through Theory Test and Practical Test, you will have to inform DVLA within two years time to get a full driving Licence. If you fail to apply with in specified period, you will have to re-take these tests.

Conclusively, proper training helps you to pass your Hazard Perception and Driving Theory tests without any major difficulties. This will put you on the right footing for passing the practical test, and becoming a confident and safe driver.

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